1.  Paintings

Everyone enjoys art, and our oil paintings will be sure to enhance your home.
Our art for sale comprises a rich collection of many styles of art from classic to
abstract, through impressionism, art deco, cubism, surrealism and naturalism.

2. Oil Paintings
      Oil Paintings

We offer oil paintings of all styles and subjects: landscapes, seascapes,
contemporary artworks, impressionism, portraits, flowers, religious paintings,
oriental paintings, art deco and baroque paintings.
Music Molds

     This is a great website for musicians to help preserve their hearing.
Music molds will come to you and fit your ear with a mold that will filter
out the sound when you're in any situation where loud noise can affect
your hearing.  With these molds you don't lose any spectrum of sound.
Many molds will flatten the sound waves so you don't hear all the
wavelengths. These molds have a filter in them which will just lower the
sound waves but keep them relevant to each other so you don't miss out
on any musical experience.