This is a commision of a back yard
Stage 1 - This is the first stage of the back yard
landscape. Most of the outline is complete and I started
on the structure.  This stage took about 8 hours to
Stage 2- In this stage, I got more of the structure complete. I
am going to start on the rocks and work my way down the left
side of the drawing. This stage took about 6 hours to
Stage 3 - This stage took 6 hours to complete. I
started with the bricks and the rocks on the left
side of the paper.  It's still a rough sketch. I will add
more detail later.
Stage 4 - This stage took about 7 hours to complete. The
outline for the entire drawing is on paper now. I just have to fill
in the details.
Stage 5 - Finished!!! This entire drawing took about 35 hours to
complete. This is a blurry picture of the drawing, I will put up a
crisper one soon.