Uncle bill and aunt Diamond. First stage
took about 6 hours.
WIP - This is a commission drawing of my Uncle
Bill (RIP) and my aunt Diamond.
Stage 2- Almost finished my uncle bill. Still have
some touching up to do.  This stage took about
6 hours to complete.
Tonys Pencil Drawings
Tonys Pencil Drawings
Stage 3 - Almost finished my aunts face and started on her
dress. This stage took about 4 hours. Still have touch ups
on everything that is done so far.
Tony's Pencil Drawings
Stage 4- Finished all the major parts of the drawing.
Now i have to touch up everything and add a little bit
of color. This stage took about  3 hours.
Tonys Pencil Drawings
Finished!! 10-24-09 This drawing took about
25 hours to complete.
Tonys Pencil Drawings