This is a commission of Frosty and Charlie.
This drawing will be of the 2 dogs on a
couch with a pillow between them.
Stage 1 -This is the first stage
of the drawing. This took
about 6 hours so far.
Stage 2 - In this stage I almost finished
the head and the rear of the body.  
There are still some touch ups on those
areas. This stage took about 3 hours to
Tonys Pencil Drawings
Tonys Pencil Drawings
Stage 3- In this stage I started the second dog (Frosty) and
the pillow. I also started the outline of the couch and started
with some shadows. This stage took about 4 hours.
Tonys Pencil Drawings
Stage 4 - Charlie is almost done and half the couch
is done as well. The pillow has a little more work left
but is almost finished.  Frosty is the next in line.  
This stage took about 8 hours.  
Tonys Pencil Drawings
Stage 5 - Finished!!  This drawing took about 32 hours to
Tonys Pencil Drawings