This is a family portrait commission of friend
Pam with her husband Dino and their new
baby girl Alexia.
Stage 1- This stage took about 10 hour so far.  Alexia
is still in the rough stages but the basic look is done. I
will work my way to the right when I am close to
finished with Alexia.
Stage 2 - This stage took about 7 hours so far. Alexia
still needs some work.  I started working my way from
the left and will make adjustments as I go.
Stage 3 - This stage took about 3 hours.  I am
pretty much done with Alexia other than some
touch ups.  Dino is almost finished as well. Still
need some work there.  
Stage 4 - This stage took about 10 hours.  I still
need a lot of work and touch ups on Pam.  Alexia
and Dino are almost done. When I finish Pam I will
go back and touch up the entire drawing so it can
all come together.
Stage 5 - Finished This drawing took about 40 hours to finish.