Work in progress- This is a
commission portrait of friend yung
and Miji.
Stage 1 - This stage is a little more completed than it
would normally be. I didn't get a chance to take pictures
earlier. This stage so far took about 14 hours to draw.
Still have a couple more hours on this first portrait then I
can move on to the other one.
Stage 2- Yung is almost finished and I started
working on Miji.  This stage took 4 hours to
Stage 3-  In this stage I'm almost finished.  I
still have some work to do on both faces and
some touching up on miji's shirt. This stage
took about 7 hours to finish.
Stage 4 - Finished.  This last stage was mostly touch ups. It
took about 2 hours to finish this stage and about 27 hours
total for this drawing.