Work in Progress (WIP)
This page contains links that will take you to work in
drawings. It will show you some of the steps I
take to complete them. I will add the pictures as I work
on them. There will about 4 or 5 installments of each
drawing so stay tuned. Enjoy!!
White Mustang - Finished on  8-18-09
Porsche Caymen - Finished on 10-2-09
Uncle Bill and aunt Diamond - Finished 10-24-09
2 Dogs-Charlie and Frosty - Finished 11-16-09
Portrait of Yung and Miji  - Finished  12-1-09
Back Yard landscape  - Finished  12-17-09
Hot Air Balloon scene - Finished 1-7-10
Family Portrait - Finished 1-28-10